Puppy Purchase Contract/Health Guarantee

This contract is between Glenn Crawford, herein after referred to as "Seller" and/or "Breeder" and

___________________________________________________________, herein after referred to as "Buyer."

In consideration of payment in full of the purchase price of $_____ for limited registration,  by Buyer to Seller, Seller agrees to transfer to Buyer, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this contract, the ownership of one Male/Female Golden Retriever puppy, herein after referred to as the "Puppy", from the mating of the sire and dam identified below.



Buyer’s Acknowledgement:
Buyer, by signing this contract, acknowledges that he/she is aware that there are many health problems that are not uncommon to the Golden Retriever breed. Some of these potential health problems are known to be genetic, some are believed to have some genetic predisposition, and the cause of others is unknown or is random in occurrence. Buyer further understands that the technology does not exist to predetermine the genetic outcome of any breeding as respects health, conformation, temperament or performance ability.

Seller has, to the best of his knowledge and ability, made a good faith effort to determine that the Puppy’s dam is free of inherited genetic disease, and has obtained like information on the sire to the extent available, and have made this information available to Buyer. Notwithstanding the efforts of Seller, Buyer understands and acknowledges that Seller can NOT predetermine the outcome of the breeding and therefore can make NO assurances that the Puppy will be free of inherited genetic or other disease, nor that the Puppy will meet Buyer’s expectations as respects conformation, performance, or temperament.

Health Warranty:
eller warrants that if the Puppy should be afflicted with an inherited disease of the hips, elbows, eyes, or heart that renders the Puppy unable to perform as indicated by Buyer on the Puppy Buyer's Questionnaire, Seller will refund the Full Purchase Price subject to the following conditions:

1.  Buyer notifies Seller promptly after such condition is diagnosed and not later than the Puppy reaching 28 months of age.
2. Buyer provides Seller with documentation of the inherited genetic disease.
3. The Puppy must not have been bred if a female or must not have allowed to sire a litter if a male.
4. The Puppy must have been maintained in good physical condition with good muscle tone through proper exercise and not allowed to become overweight.
5. The Puppy has received proper immunizations and monthly heart worm preventative.
6. The Puppy must be returned to Seller along with the Puppy’s Registration properly signed, transferring ownership back to Seller.
7. If Buyer wishes to keep the Puppy, the Puppy must be neutered if a male or spayed if a female and proof that the procedure has been performed must be provided to Seller by the veterinarian that performed the procedure.

Registration and Breeding:
Seller will provide limited American Kennel Club Registration.

Registration papers WILL NOT be shipped with the Puppy. Seller will forward registration papers to Buyer within 30 days of Buyer’s receipt of the Puppy.

Breeder will amend the registration to a Full AKC Registration subject to the following conditions being met:

1. The Puppy must be a minimum of two years of age.
2. The Puppy must have a final OFA hip evaluation of Fair, Good or Excellent.
3. The Puppy must have an OFA elbow evaluation indicating no evidence of elbow dysplasia.
4. The Puppy’s eyes must have been examined by a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist and a certificate must be  issued by CERF for the Puppy.
5. Buyer has provided to Breeder legible copies of the above veterinarian examination reports or clearance certificates.
6. The Puppy must have achieved a title (or field trial points) recognized by either the AKC, UKC or GRCA..
7. Ownership of the puppy must not have been transferred from the original buyer.
8. The Blazinlake name must appear in the puppies registered name.
9. The Puppy must have been registered with the AKC within 6 months of purchase date.

As soon as is reasonably possible after the Puppy is seven weeks of age, Seller will make the Puppy available to be picked up by Buyer, or Seller will ship the Puppy to Buyer by conveyance agreed to by Seller and Buyer and at a time reasonably convenient to Buyer. Buyer shall provide a shipping crate acceptable to the agreed conveyance, and Buyer shall be responsible for all shipping expenses which shall be paid in advance of shipping.

Puppy Health at Pickup/Shipping:
Seller shall have the Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian as near as feasible to the pickup or shipping date and determined to be free of disease or injury. Should the Puppy not be free of disease or injury, Seller shall notify Buyer and pickup or shipping shall be delayed until any health problem is resolved.

The Puppy will have first shots and will have dew claws removed.

Health Clearances:
Whether or not Buyer plans to breed the Puppy, Buyer agrees at Buyer’s expense to have the Puppy checked by qualified veterinarians for inherited genetic disease to include OFA evaluation of hips and elbows, Ophthalmologist examination of eyes, Cardiologist or Internist evaluation of heart. Eyes and heart may be checked prior to age two. Hip and elbows must be checked promptly after the Puppy reaches two years of age.

Buyer agrees to provide to Seller legible photocopies of the evaluations promptly upon receipt of same and not later than the Puppy reaching 28 months of age.

Puppy Reports:
Buyer agrees to provide Breeder regular reports on the Puppy. The reports are to include any accomplishments, problems and/or health issues.

Buyer's Responsibility:
Buyer agrees to conduct him/herself as a responsible dog owner.

Buyer agrees that Buyer is solely responsible for all costs and expenses of and related to the ownership of the Puppy including but not limited to feeding, veterinary care and training.

Buyer further agrees that Buyer is solely responsible for any and all actions of the Puppy and agrees to hold Seller harmless from any and all claims for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damages caused or alleged to have been by the Puppy.

By signing of this Contract of Sale, Buyer accepts all conditions contained herein.


Signature of Buyer: ________________________________     Date:  ________________

 Signature of Seller: ________________________________     Date:  ________________