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Bart's Stats

Date of Birth  6-15-1996
Hips  OFA Good
Elbows  OFA Clear
Eyes  CERF Clear
Heart GR-CA03335/55M/C-PI
Thyroid Normal MSU 6-4-02
DNA Profile V132645


Description of Bart by Glenda Brown - Bart's Owner, Trainer, and mom.


Bart is dark gold with dark eyes and dark pigment.
Bart is very watery, stylish, athletic, and intelligent. He runs and trains with great enthusiasm. He is a strong marking dog and can do the big punch birds, on both land and water. He has a great temperament and a marvelous and endearing personality. He is a house and motel dog. I owned his granddam, his sire, and have other dogs in the household related to him.


FC/AFC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet FDHF

Bart has a very upbeat, happy attitude at all times-training, trialing, at home and on the road. He definitely has a personality! When you look into his eyes, something looks back-with a sparkle and intelligence.


He has an excellent temperament and loves persons, dogs, and anything fuzzy I will let him near. Great with grandchildren! He lives at home (in the house and yard as we have no kennels) with five to six other intact males. When on the road, he shares a motel room with me and usually two other male dogs.


He has a very positive training attitude, if he can understand what you are trying to teach him, he tries very hard to do it. He works extremely well with positive motivation, and your voice alone can be used to jazz him up, caIm him down, and/or correct him. He repeats well and enjoys drills.


Bart is very athletic, jumps obstacles readily, and comes .from a long line of very trainable competitive dogs. He is truly an amateur's dog. His sire, with limited breedings, produced many multi-titled performance dogs. Bart has always had excellent eye contact-particularly when you are reading and he wants some attention, when he is in the holding blind and feels he should be on the line, and when he wants to play.


He is a basically a non-barker, is not crate protective---in fact, he embarrassingly solicits petting if you come near his crate. He has been known to steal but he does not destroy. My shoes are a favorite item and he will bring them to me or put them in his bed. Also, he has been known to steal a puppy toy and hold it for ransom until someone or some pup will play with him. He really loves having his tummy scratched.


I feel that Bart would be a joy to work in any area of performance. He truly wants to please and he is eager to participate in whatever game is going on. He zips through agility jumps set up at home, enjoys working on heeling and recalls, has a tremendous desire to retrieve, and is always a pleasure to have around.


While recently in Texas, I had persons who were much more conversant with good conformation go over Bart for me. The consensus was that he is moderate in every way, strong top line, very well balanced, good angulation in the rear, good length of neck, moderate coat, correct ear set and correct length of ear, good length of loin, lovely expression, well blended face, bone is balanced for his size, not too leggy, good movement. He comes from a background of bigger boned dogs and his brother is a larger dog than he is. He enjoyed every minute of these examinations as it meant someone was giving him a lot of attention.



The following is Bart's trial record.

Entered 16 derbies and completed 12 of them with a third, three fourths, two Reserve Jams and 6 Jams.

In the Qual, he had a First, two thirds, two fourths, a Reserve Jam, and two Jams. This was while he was two years of age.

Again, while only two, he earned an Amateur third in his second Amateur. There were 55 dogs running, only four dogs did the last series without handling, and he had the best job in the last series. First and second went to two FC/AFCs (one of them my Lab) and 4th place went to another FC/AFC. The three Labs placing had all qualified and competed in numerous Nationals and included two National Finalists. During this time frame, also he earned an Open Jam in a field of 63.

As a three year old, he had two Open Jams, an Amateur First, two Amateur fourths, and two Amateur Jams. In addition, he got into the last series of additional Opens and Amateurs, but due to youth handled or had a big hunt on the last bird. (Naturally, we won't blame the handler!)

Bart since has won an Open First in a field of 90 dogs, including two National Open winners, many National Finalists, and many finished dogs. There were a number of top pros running their dogs, while he was run by a grey­haired lady wearing tennis shoes. In addition, since then he has had two Amateur Seconds, two Amateur Thirds, Open and Amateur Jams, and completed both his FC and AFC with another Open First. Again, this win was over a NFC, the three time Purina High Point Open Dog, National Finalists, and other titled dogs. In both Open wins and his Amateur win, his strength was in his waterblind and his last series. All his points have been from All Breed trials while handled by me. He qualified for the 2002 National Amateur Retriever Club Championship trial.

Bart received 'the Dick Sampson Memorial Trophy from the Golden Retriever Club of America for the best combined performance prior to his third birthday in.AKC licensed field trials. He won the Gilnockie Challenge Cup from the GRCA for the highest scoring Field Trial record during the year 2000. He won The Torch Flinn - Tigathoe Memorial Trophy for the highest number of All Age points in licensed field trials while being Amateur handled by its GRCA member-owner. Bart is a member of the GRCA Field Dog Hall of Fame.

Bart's pups are still very young, but the feedback from their owners has been very positive. These pups are working in the field, in obedience, in agility and in tracking. In addition, many are making excellent hunting dogs. One of his daughters had her MH title at 17 months, the youngest Golden ever to accomplish this. She qualified for the Master National. Others have had Derby placements and Qualifying placements while under the age of two. One recently became Qualified All Age at 26 ~ months. Many of them, although still very young, have already started placing hunt test, obedience, tracking and agility titles after their names. Bart's personality and excellent temperament appears to carry through to his pups.